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Our offer is based on today’s rates, tariffs and exchange rates (without engagement until conclusion of the contract). Business undertaken is subject to the India Forwarder’s Standard Terms and Conditions in the valid wording. Delivery periods and dates are read to engagement. We are neither liable for delays nor penalties of any kind. Surface carriage can be substituted for airfreight or sea freight transportation in parts of the agreed route. In no case shall our liability exceed the limits determined by the Warsaw Convention, CMR, CIM or by B/L – conditions. Unless agreed in writing otherwise, invoices are due upon receipt. Any expenses resulting from non-payment at customer’s cost.


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Thank you for your enquiry, we appreciate you interest in our services. We have worked out the following proposal tailor made to your requirements. Please find here under our quotation for the same:-




   Description of Goods : general merchandise, non hazardous, in seaworthy packing

   Departure City :                                 Port of Departure :                     

   Port of Destination :                          Final Destination :                          

    Unit :                                                    Delivery Terms :                       



      Fuel Surcharge                                         O/F leh-Nava Sheva 20 `                                O/F leh-Nava Sheva 40`                                      BAF (Vatos)/teu                        

CAF(vatos)                               Thc                                           SPS                                          

Nava Sheva-New Delhi 20 dv   

Nava Sheva-New Delhi 40 dv   

Nava Sheva-New Delhi 40 hc 

BI Charges/bl                                                     Hbl charges                              

Exp. Clearance/doc(EX)                       

Handling fees                                                

HL (If necessary)                                                   Profit share                               



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